Alien Invasion 11 February, 2019 at 6:50 pm

There was a loud bang as something burst through the atmosphere. Scientific equipment started going haywire around the globe, all saying “Hey, you know we were supposed to be looking out for things in the distance, well, it’s here.”

All the nations were suddenly trying to track where this object came from. All the satellites were still where they should be. Nothing seemed to be missing from anywhere. Nothing had recently entered the solar system, it just seemed to pop into existence as it popped through the ozone layer. Clearly technology far beyond our own. Perhaps faster than light travel, or some sort of warp or wormhole. Whatever it was, it plummeted through the air towards the earth.

Everyone had soon figured out where it had hit, and the area was cleared of any civilians. The only people allowed in were working for the British Government, or their on their express permission. Translators of every language, old and new, dead and developing. Diplomats from any country with enough bargaining power to be allowed in time. The Prime Minister sat in a secure basement, just in case.

When it spoke it didn’t seem to use words. Every person of every tongue present knew what it was saying, and what it was saying is to bow down. It was superior to us in every way, and we must kneel. We must kneel or else. It was a being that we could not comprehend, and we must kneel down before it and show our subjugation.

This thing had appeared and was demanding that we show it admiration, and then it went on to ask for more. It asked for love. Our love. Messages went all across the globe as this was reported. The Prime Minister demanded the officials representing the country to be steadfast. Find out what this thing was. She asked for a description, and despite best efforts, the only things that came back were vague adjectives like ‘great’ and ‘imposing’.

They were told to ask the creature who it was. It replied that it was the being responsible for starting human life. The being that sewed the seeds of life on this planet. The being that made this luscious bounty we call Earth.

They were told to ask the creature what it wanted. It replied that it only wanted love and worship. For every human on Earth to join in worshipping its majesty and might, recognise its achievements in creating everything we know. For every human to open up their heart and actively love it, love it more than they love their own children, love it more than they love their own parents.

They were told to ask the creature what would happen if they didn’t obey. It replied that it would not end well for those who refused. They would suffer. They would suffer slowly and painfully.

They were told to ask the creature what would happen if they did obey. It replied that it would make this world better. It would bring happiness to the creatures that loved it. It would make the world good.

There were so many more questions, but the position formed. It was making demands, and Britain does not give in to demands. Britain does not do weakness. Britain does not obey others. The message was given to sent this creature back to where it came without what it came for. To send it back without budging an inch.

And then, it vanished.

Quicker than it had arrived.

The Prime Minister was heralded a hero, not backing down to our first alien threat. Not letting anyone push Britain around. Britain ruled to skies.


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