The Four Wise Men 19 December, 2013 at 12:00 pm

The four wise men stopped and rested,
They knew their efforts would not be wasted.
The sat and talked about the marvels to come,
Knowing the prophecies were doubted by some.

The first weighed in that a king was here,
A new ruler for the lands far and near.
The rightful heir to lead the people,
From temples and synagogues to the church steeple.

The second listened and gave a nod,
Then continued, talking of the son of God.
A spiritual leader that could raise the dead,
Walk on water, heal the sick, fill the devil with dread.

All of mankind would kneel in prayer,
Feel the love of god and be rid of every care.
Even though the messiah might meet a nasty end,
It would surely be worth it for the joy he’d send.

The third also wanted his visions to be heard,
How this man would bless believers and make them cured,
Of any illness that afflicted their soul,
Piece together the broken parts and make them whole.

Not only saw his end but could see further,
Saw past the life and death and religious fervour.
Children studying before they go to bed,
Marvelling at the things they read.

The fourth wise man spoke so strange,
His view of the future was quite deranged,
A midwinter festival to celebrate the king,
A show of frivolity and display of sin.

Indulgence, materialism, gorging and greed,
Excessive drinking and immoral spreading of their seed.
A fat man taking pride of place,
Ahead of the saviour of the human race.

An illuminated reindeer with a red nose,
Lined up with others in neat little rows.
Houses with tinsel and stockings above the hearth,
Somehow to signify the virgin birth.

The fourth wise man was left in a bind,
The other three buggered off and left him behind!


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