Santa’s Image 18 November, 2013 at 2:42 pm

In a statement from a leading health agency, the new European Regulation regarding the healthy body shape in merchandise is to be strictly enforced.

This regulation means that the officials can force retailers to remove any product or display which shows or encourages bad health.

Some campaigners have welcomed the news in a bid to get rid of anorexic promotion in clothes shops, but others are more sceptical about how it’s started to be taken.

Numerous stores in local High Streets have been forced to remove Santa Claus merchandise and Christmas displays due to him be clinically obese.

With an average estimated BMI (Body Mass Index) 5 times about the threshold to be a health issue, it is clear that most representations are unfit for public display.

A spokesman said “It is clear that the lifestyle chosen by Santa, spending most of the year with very little exercise, is something that has caused massive health issues, and it’s something we don’t want to to be seen as a positive image. When there’s an image of Santa at a sensible weight, we will be more then happy.”

It is thought that people displaying Santa as part of their festive decorations, either outside their houses or visible through the windows, are infringing the regulation and liable to fines which could be in the thousands per representation.

Church groups have welcomed the developments.


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