Surrounded 7 November, 2013 at 11:58 am

Surrounded by breasts. A cock, surrounded by breasts. It was like some kind of hell. He pecked himself in a a bid to wake up from this horrendous nightmare.

He wandered up and down, head darting this way and that, looking at the rows of dismembered parts, all nicely laid out and presented like seed in a trough. Some packed into groups of two, others more. All in the same trays with the same transparent sheen over the top, as if they were going to escape, as if they still had life.

He felt some corn rising inside him and gagged.

Was this a torment of his own creation? Were his promiscuous ways responsible for this sick torture? Yes, he slept around, but what self respecting cockerel didn’t?

Walking along further, one careful step and then the next, eyeing the shelves, high, low, left, right. He found thighs. Then whole chickens. Well, in a way they were whole chickens. They weren’t dismembered, but they were nothing like the graceful honeys that he spent his days wooing. They were naked, beheaded, and gutted. Just a hollow puppet of the form he had chased.

If it was just a lesson, some omniscient being telling him to right his ways, then he could cope with that, at least then he could return to his life a changed bird and know that none of this was actually real.

His mind wandered to all the chickens he’d slept with, all the girls he promised his heart to. He couldn’t even remember their names, he didn’t always ask. Each one thought they had his heart, but each one he just used like meat. Guilt shot through him and made each step wobbly. He had to change his ways, he couldn’t go on like this, he had to heed this warning.

Fluttering up to the window he made his way back to the farmhouse.

In the cold light of day he tried to retrace his steps. Tried to establish if what he had seen was real or just his conscience. Eventually he gave up looking for the opening in the wall and took it as a revelation. Now, whenever there’s a new cockerel born, he’d be there to tell the story of how he was given a glimpse of the damnation that awaited him, his day trip to hell, his journey to the underworld, his foray into Tesco.


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