Wasted Saturday 9 March, 2013 at 1:07 am

Okay, so here’s an odd one. It’s not intended to be a poem, so it’s not presented in that way. But it does have some symptoms of a poem. It’s inspired by spoken jazz. If it reads well, then great! If it doesn’t, then you’re just reading it wrong…honest. Anyway, enjoy:

Saturday was a real wild cat. The kind of cat that really knew where it was at. Everybody loved Saturday, he always found the fun. Any party would be dull until Saturday arrived, and then wow. What a change. Everybody loved Saturday, that is, apart from Thursday. She would always sit in the corner when Saturday entered the room. Perhaps she was jealous, he’d out shine anyone. Perhaps she just didn’t like his jib, or never really found him fun.

Who knew? no point asking Saturday now.

Thursday was holding a party, to celebrate her anniversary. Two years of marriage, to lovely Tuesday. They were the perfect couple, always so sweet, everyone thought so, they’d say

“oh, aren’t they sweet”

Before looking at their others, or dates they pulled from the crowd, and let out a weary sigh, as if their own happiness could never be found. Two years to the day, and never so proud had Tuesday been. If you look at Thursday, a huge bump can be seen. She was beaming, beaming with light, beaming with joy, beaming with all her might. Until that time of the night, when in walks Saturday.

Already tipsy, and a little bit frisky, he was quite a sight, brilliant white suit, and a brilliant white shirt, a brilliant white collar, with a brilliant red mark, another on his cheek betrayed where he’d been. Probably with Sunday, the cheap little slut, they say she never leaves her bed and is common as muck. They didn’t invite Saturday, no-one ever does, Saturday always goes where ever there’s a buzz. He crashes parties everywhere, but no one cares. Who would object to a dashing young chap, crashing the scene and making it where it’s at. Because Saturday always put the it in where it’s at. He’ll just leave you, to sort out the where and the at. Everyone smiles as he crashes in, especially Monday, oh the poor little kitten. She’s oh so dull, but what makes it worse is the poor girl is smitten.

Drab dull Monday, is always oh so boring, always about work, and sensibleness. But along comes Saturday, and she tries to be fun, tried to throw a garden fate, which should never be done. Invited all the guests, on little personalized cards, but if Saturday puts the it in where’s it at, then Monday takes the it out and hides it behind the couch. Poor Monday, always so gloomy, all she wants is Saturday. To get a party all to herself, to get some Saturday all to herself. Poor Monday, tried so very hard, tried to get his attention, thought this party she might get some affection. But Saturday won’t even look at a girl like Monday, it might bring him down, from his glistening cloud that he’s floating on.

It was in the morning that the tragedy broke. One last bedroom wouldn’t open, one last visitor wouldn’t stir. Everyone gathered round, counted the guests, and one could not be found. They knocked and screamed “Saturday!” but he wasn’t going to see even one more day. They broke down the door, and examined the scene, locked himself in, and sadly became a has been. The doctor came, and the doctor went, he went to run some medical checks. Came back with the news, he’d died from the booze. Fell into a coma, and passed away, a peaceful death people say. As his liver failed and his heart it stopped, it was a glass too much and he popped his clogs.

Poor Saturday was buried, but as sure as night follows day, a new life soon came on its way. Thursday had a little girl, but it wasn’t a Wednesday as expected, but a little Friday which was not intended.

Tuesday left in a huff, grabbing his things in a rush, amongst Thursdays things was something he shouldn’t have seen, a syringe of alcohol all nice and clean, with one that was empty, and not quite so clean. The lab tested for blood, and the results were bad, they left a poor baby in a situation so sad. Her Dad up in his heaven, and her Mum down in her cell.


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