Translucent Jeff aka Pop Goes The Jeff 7 January, 2013 at 12:00 pm

Jeff needed to get on television. That was the sure fire way to get noticed, thought about. Even if just for a moment.

Sure there had been a lot of people on tele that had been forgotten about completely and vanished, but it was rare. It could never happen to someone on air though. The simple act of being broadcast to thousands of homes was enough to make the most translucent person as solid as a rock, because it was almost impossible for them not to be noticed and thought about, even if only for the brief time they’re on air. Not to mention the crew, presenters and audience, they all think about everyone on the stage, perhaps not after they left, but at least while the people are on stage.

But here he was, walking down the high street with people looking right through him. Occasionally someone would notice him and he’d throb a little bit brighter, but it wouldn’t last long, it never lasted long.

He knew someone who had vanished, Clive. Poor Clive. Poor nondescript Clive. He’d met him the day before he went and he was almost non-existent. The guy was an orphan, and wasn’t very good at making friends, that was something they had in common. But after he left the orphan house where everyone is surrounded by other people and keepers, it wasn’t long before the people who had grown up with him, or worked at the orphanage, started to forget about him, and why shouldn’t they? There were hundreds of kids that passed through that place, and sure, there were some stand out cases, but most just go in and out, then forgotten. After leaving, Clive managed to get a job without too much hassle, but he wasn’t the most noticeable of people. Soon the only people that remembered him were his boss and Jeff.

He felt a little guilty, but he couldn’t remember him every minute of every day. When Clive vanished he almost felt happy for him. He never had to worry about getting noticed again. But it just made his job harder, now there was one less person that remembered him, and he was slowly slipping from view.

Half way across the country a car crashed and Jeff’s parents died instantly.

There was a pop as the air rushed in to fill the emptiness that was left where Jeff had been standing.


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