Santa 10 December, 2012 at 12:00 pm

The task was to write something with a festive theme to be read out at a Christmas party. This is about as festive as I get.

The Santa that you know has abandoned you!

Nay! The Santa you know has never existed!

Let yourself not weep for this political creation, and mourn over something that was so invented. But let us strive to remember what Santa once was, what he should be, and lets hope that he can still exist for us once more.

Of all the sources in which he appears, not one depicts the man you know. Not one is what you believe in. Not one is the fat jovial demon glaring at you today. Instead you must go back, go back to the origins for your belief. Let us not mix stories and once more create a monster to be shaped by the consumerism that has engulfed us. Instead, let us rise above that, and clutch a legend, a myth, a story, which is honest and true. Something that is complete enough to survive. Something that we can turn to and say, “This is our Santa, and this is no lie”.

A Santa that no faceless entity can twist least we say “nay, that is not my Santa. For my Santa is the Santa of old. The Santa of truth, the Santa of honesty”

Be it Odin the Norse God, or be it Saint Nicolas of long ago, or be it a myth from any of a thousand sources, as long as it be something true, and then, perhaps, we can all believe in Santa once more.


One Response to “Santa”

  1. Glad someone points out the myth of the Coca Cola santa.

    I was speaking to someone the other day after reading something elsewhere. A poll was supposedly conducted in Scotland RE average belief age and it seems in the Google era, most kids over the age of 4 don’t ‘believe’ anyway.

    Least of all know where the whole original story started.