I Just Don’t Care 26 November, 2012 at 3:47 pm

An exercise to create a piece of poetry 40 lines or less. No subject was suggested, so given all the choices, from a love poem, to something considering the meaning of life, or something about the beauty all around us, is it really that much of a surprise that I just did a rant in poetry form? So I present you, I Just Don’t Care. aka Procrastination On BBC News aka Meh

Which side to take on the Wikileaks plight,
Or where to stand in the Syrian fight,
Or weather to believe revolution is right,
Is it all important or are we losing sight?
I just don’t care.

Scotland has it’s referendum,
And we’re slowly losing our kingdom,
And the government’s promoting tedium,
But do we still have our freedom?
I couldn’t ever care.

Who’s going to win X-Factor,
And who’s this years top actor,
As we welcome a new BBC director,
Will the be any British BAFTAs?
I’ll never ever care.

The Internet is full of piracy,
Which is a challange to democracy,
Politics are rife with bribery,
Which could ruin Europes economy,
I’d rather not care.

Does it matter what Clegg says?
Are the British police just plebs?
Will the London bombers ever confess?
Do you want to see Kate undress?
Does anyone care?

So my mother is worrying herself,
And my father is worrying himself,
Because the government is squandering our wealth,
And I desperately try to convince myself,
That I just don’t care.


One Response to “I Just Don’t Care”

  1. That made me laugh quite a bit. Thanks!