The Mary Celeste 12 November, 2012 at 12:00 pm

The task was to explain the famous mystery. The famous mystery that I’m not that familiar with and didn’t have time to research, so this time there’s a reason for it being hasty and not researched.

He saw them all rushing up to desk. Some woman was screaming. Never mind the screaming, just keep cleaning the floor. There were shouts from up top, followed by bangs on the big doors. They wanted him to open the door, remove the barricade.

“Sorry Sir” he said, “But Mr Marshall says I’m only to clean”

After a while the shouting stopped. Just like Mr Marshall says, if he stays out of things they resolve themselves.

He cleaned up to the base of the stairs to the bridge, shiny clean behind him, dripping red ahead. Oh well, will keep him busy. Up at the top step, still red seeping out.

He waited 5 minutes after knocking and knocked again.

Counting the seconds he opened the door after another 5 minutes. What a mess! Oh well. Don’t touch the crew he was told. It took all day cleaning the red as it leaked out the crew.

The next day he unblocked on of the doors to the deck.

Mornings he cleaned the deck. More red. The rain from the storm had made it go everywhere, but easier to clean.

It took him two days to decide the corpses could be called a mess and cleaned up. The cuts from the sword the man used made quite a mess. Perhaps he should have stopped him when he was running around with all those weapons, but that wasn’t his place.

12 O’Clock. Time to lay the tables. It was hard work doing it all on his own, but he was a good worker. Keep working and don’t ask questions Mr Marshall said, and Mr Marshall was always right.

Thursday. Thursdays he cleans the sides of the ship, usually there’s more people, but he’ll try on his own, worst that could happen is he falls in, then he just needs to shout “Man overboard” and then someone would rescue him.

Any minute now…Any minute.


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