Chauffeur Hanged 29 October, 2012 at 12:00 pm

In this exercise, the task was to convert a newspaper article to a poem. The article chosen was regarding the execution of Thomas Henry Allaway who was hanged in 1922 in the south of England (search his name and you can find the full story). This is one of my very few attempts at poetry.

Everyone should get a job,
No matter how it makes you sob,
But mind the daily paper,
Or your soul may escape like vapour.

No one should seek to murder,
But if you do careful how you lure her,
And be mindful of your spelling,
As in court it can be telling.

Craft a careful alibi,
Least it may cause you to die,
You must convince the judge,
Of all the facts that you fudge.

As you sit in your cell,
And you wonder which sod did tell,
Know that it’s not his fault,
Just your excuse wasn’t worth its salt.

“Did you do it?” Said the priest,
“Then confess at the very least”,
“From God nothing can be hid,
And he truly knows that I did”.


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