Smuggle Trouble – Chapter 11 & 12 12 December, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Emerging from the woods, both still unsteady on their feet, they found themselves in a school with a maze of buildings. Picking their way through they eventually found the main school field.

Clara managed something between a laugh and a sob, and even Lukasz’ heart lifted as they saw the plane.

“We made it.”

They made their way over at twice their normal speed, almost at walking pace.

“Lukasz, can you fly?”

“I thought I could when I got my first job, but I couldn’t so much as jump.”

“… can you fly a plane?”

“Of course not, I’m an accountant.”

“And a smuggler.” Added Clara.

“Not a pilot.”

“And not a driver judging by your last display. A little piece of me is glad you won’t be flying. But do we know who is?”

“Jack. He’ll be around here somewhere.”

They set off back to the mass of buildings and began searching.

“Over here.” Said Clara.

“You found him?”

“Just listen will you.”

Lukasz could hear it. They walked to the hut where the whistling was coming from.


The voice came from behind them.

As Lukasz spun, the sight of a gun aimed at him took his focus, including the focus required to keep him standing on unsteady legs and he fell backwards. Arms flailing he dragged down Clara as well to join him in an inelegant fall with babies still in her arms, leaving them sitting on the floor outside the door of the whistling building.

The twins started crying again, probably as much due to the lack of elegance as the bump of them all falling down.

“Don’t move a muscle. You are both under arrest.”

Standing in front of them was a boy, 18 at most, in a German uniform and holding a rifle which was pointing at them most of the time when the boys shaking hands allowed it to be roughly aligned with his target.

“It’s okay kid,” said Lukasz “we aren’t exactly running anywhere. What’s your name?”

“What would your mother think if she knew this was what you were doing?!” Clara was trying a different tact.

“I saw what you did to private Holk!” his aim refocused as his eyes filled with anger and terror “I should kill you right here you monsters!”

“But you’re not going to. You’re going to lower the weapon.”

The boy turned his head to the unknown speaker but kept his gun on Lukasz.

“Sir? What are you doing?”

What ‘sir’ was doing was pointing a gun at the boy. Slowly he stepped round the corner in view of Lukasz and Clara.

“Honey?!” said Clara.

“Victor?!” said Lukasz.

“Dad?!” said the twins, or at least they would have if they were a few years older.

“I thought you were dead?” said Clara.

“Why are you wearing a Nazi uniform?” Asked Lukasz. Neither showing appreciation to how a conversation should go.

“I’m sorry. It’s my guilty secret. When I was younger, before I met you my dear, I was recruited to be a spy. I was promised glamour, excitement and importance. I was through living in Lukasz’ shadow, so I’m ashamed to say I accepted, but no more.”

“Living in my shadow??” Lukasz was shocked “You were always the popular one, the sporty one, the one everyone liked.”

“And you were always the smart one that cruised through everything superior to everyone.”

“Look,” interrupted Clara “as much as I’ve got a hell of a lot I want to say, you’re pointing a gun at a kid who’s pointing a gun at us. Priorities would be good!”

“I’m sure I can help resolve the situation.” came an unknown voice, as an unknown gun crept into view pointing at Victor.

“Oh for goodness sake. I’m getting thoroughly fed up with all of this.” said Clara.

“Eep!” said Lukasz.

“Hello Sargent.” said Victor.

“Hello sir.” said the Sargent.

“How long have you known?”

“I’ve had my suspicions, it was just a case of keeping an eye on you until I had something solid.”

“If it wasn’t me you were aiming at I’d be impressed.”

“Would it help if I aimed at your family instead?”


The door behind Lukasz swung open and there stood the whistling pilot. The last notes dying on his lips.

The boy was taken by surprise and pulled the trigger.

There were 3 gunshots.

Despite being the only target no one wanted to hit, the wall took the first shot. Chips of wood flying over Lukasz and Clara.

The second shot hit the boy who immediately fell. It was Victor who fell with him.

Clara let out a brief scream as she watched her husband fall and Lukasz just sat dumbfounded.

“Well, that got rid of two annoyances. That boy was never that useful, unless of course you wanted someone to shoot walls,” the Sargent laughed at his own joke “but now I can get rid of some more little problems. Goodbye.”

The Sargent raised his gun at the huddled people on the floor, they clung onto each other and there was a loud bang.

Chapter 12

“Is this heaven?”

“Really Sargent?”


“Does that look like God?”

“Ah. This would be hell then.”


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