Smuggle Trouble – Chapter 9 & 10 5 December, 2011 at 12:00 pm

“Come on Clara! We’ve got to get to the plane.”

“You try walking when you’ve just given birth!”

“Here, let me take one of them.”

“No! I’m fine.”

“Then if you’re fine, stop whining.”

They both hobbled on at speed. A meandering cow overtook them.

“It would have been quicker to drive around the forest you know.”

“Not when the roads are crawling with Germans!”

They walked on in silence for a while longer. Lukasz was easily outpacing Clara.

“Quiet!” Whispered Lukasz crouching low behind a tree. “I said quiet! Not sing a flaming nursery rhyme!”

“You try keeping these two quiet then.”

“If you give them here I will!”

Lukasz peeked round the tree and spotted a soldier walking into the woods, leaving his motorbike unattended on the main road. Pressing tight against the tree all he could hear was the foot steps and his heart thumping through his entire body. He didn’t even realised he scrunched up his eyes.

The foot steps were getting louder and louder and then stopped.

Slowly he opened his eyes.

Right in front of him was a German officer who promptly unzipped his flies and urinated against the next tree.

In a move that could cause hatred of all children, one of the twins started crying. Not bawling admittedly, but louder than suitable for the social setting.

“Hello? Is anyone there?”

Thankfully he wasn’t pacing towards the noise and his hands were still occupied.

Moving slowly was usual for Lukasz, but now he was moving carefully and silently over the one meter between him and the soldiers back. Slowly he gripped the pistol in the soldiers holster but the soldier spun, midstream.

Lukasz managed to clear the holster, but as he did, the gun let off a shot before Lukasz went down from the elbow to the jaw.

It was the first time Lukasz had been hit, he managed to stay out of fights all his life, so this blow left his head spinning and was all a bit of a blur. The next thing he was aware of was Clara yelling him to get up and not laze around like a drunkard.

Slowly he became more aware of his surroundings and the awful din created by the twins duet.

He saw the soldier in anguish and immediately attributed it to the noise of the babies, but then allowed himself a slight smile as he noticed it was actually due to a gunshot wound to the leg.

Pulling himself up Lukasz waddled after Clara and across the road. What he didn’t notice was the soldier pulling himself along to give chase.

Lukasz was nearly across the road when a hand grasped his ankle and tripped him into the verge. Behind him was the soldier smirking at him whilst holding an iron grip on Lukasz ankle. Feet flayed as he tried to rip himself free. The soldier managed to retrieve a knife from his hip, a kick managed to connect which left the soldier with a bloody nose and Lukasz with a bloody boot. The soldier responded with a snarl and tried to stab Lukasz ankle.

There was a gun shot.

The soldier howling in pain as another wound appeared in his other leg. He was suddenly less interested in cutting at Lukasz, allowing him to scurry out of his grip and into relative safety.

Clara was standing above the man she shot, and kicked him for good measure before walking off to kick Lukasz for good measure.

Chapter 10

“Any Leads Sargent?”

“Nothing as yet. I’ve got my men combing the area, but they haven’t found anything so far.”

“Very well, I’ll hit the road myself then. An extra pair of eyes and all that. I trust you’ll be able to manage here without me?”

“Of course sir. Will you be covering any particular area?”

“Just following my nose if that’s all right with you Sargent.”

“As you wish.”


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