Smuggle Trouble – Chapter 1 & 2 7 November, 2011 at 12:00 pm

There was a knock at the door.

Before he could ask who it was, it slowly creaked open, a head appeared, whispered “Lukasz?” and entered, followed by the rest of the body.

The newcomer looked almost identical to Lukasz. But that’s not a raciest observation that infers all people from that part of the world look alike, these two men were more alike then most in features, but they both struck totally different impressions.

“What’s happened Victor?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know I don’t like it when you intrude when I’m dressing, so you wouldn’t do it unless something major happened.”

“Ah Lukasz, the brains of the family!”

“Not really, it’s just a case of remembering to think”

Doing up his top button he snapped down his collar, his eyes locked on Victor

“But there is something up isn’t there?” Lukasz continued “you came in here to talk, so over to you”

“I’m worried about my wife”

“Do you think there’s cause to worry? Or is there something else?”

“If there isn’t cause to worry, then why are you putting so much effort into getting other families out?”

“I told you not to talk about that in the house”

He pulled on his trousers and slowly clipped on his braces giving his brother a stern look.

“What I don’t understand is why you haven’t offered to get them out before the net closes”

“You two are just married, and you expect me to try to send her away?”

“You’d rather see her taken? You’ve heard the stories as well as I have, is that really what you want to happen?”

Lukasz knew the stories well, infact, he started most of them. It was good for business, and always entertaining how much they get embellished on the trip round the town. But now it looks like he’s paying for it. Like a two dollar whore knocking on his door with a baby.

“Look, it’s a risky journey, and I think the risks of staying aren’t great enough to risk sending my own sister-in-law”

“And when will they be? When the Nazis are surrounding the house?”

Lukasz wasn’t one to be baited quite so easily and turned to the mirror to do up his tie.

“Lukasz, I need your help. You’ve done this before, you’re the only one I can trust”

His ties knot collapsed in his hands. His eyes staring intently at it as he tried again. He’d taken good money with Victors help to get Jews through Germany to Switzerland. He even made sure his brother got a cut and didn’t have to deal with the moralities. And every one of them had been a success. They’d been smuggled out and he got paid, what more could he ask for? But Victor was asking for more, Victor was asking for them to actually reach their destination.

Surely that was impossible?

Chapter 2

“Hello Sargent”


“Have we had any tip offs?”

“No Sir. The last one was over a month ago. We were hoping you would have some leads.”

“Sorry, nothing at the moment. Working on something, but don’t know if it will come to anything”

“Care to share?”

“Not yet Sargent, still has a long way to go”

“Very well Sir”

“I trust you’ll keep me up to date if anything happens?”

“Of course Sir”


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