The T.S. Eliot/John Gardner Killer Exercise 14 January, 2013 at 12:00 pm

“A middle-age man is waiting at a bus stop. He has just learned that his son has died violently. Describe the setting from the man’s point of view WITHOUT telling your reader what has happened. How will the street look to this man? What are the sounds? Odours? Colours? That this man will notice? What will his clothes feel like? Write a 250 word description.”

The news fell a blow upon me, physically knocking me back onto the bench.

The world turned into a blur, it appeared to slow down, but it was only I who had slowed. A bus arrived, passengers boarded, and then departed before a moment had passed in my eyes.

Despite the hour approaching lunchtime, the day grew dark and took on a more sinister hue. The once fluffy clouds became dark rolling waves of doom.

Each passer by seemed to be passing their own judgement.

Mature gentlemen shot me blades full of blame, accusing me for my part in the tragedy, all the things which I could have done to alter the chain of events but didn’t.

Kids seemed to be laughing in scorn. Mothers seemed to try to distance themselves, worried my foul influence may bring the same fate to their offspring.

A pidgin pootled around looking for scraps, it got as far as the edge of the bus stop before it caught sight of me. It only took a moment of starring before it realised the evil inside me and flew off.

Sun seemed to suddenly break through the darkness. I looked towards the sky and a crack in the clouds allowed what seemed to be a sole ray to beam upon me.

I’m sure I heard a voice as I looked to the heavens

“I’m safe. The blood’s on your hands”


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